Meet Our Team

LMS consists of environmental professionals who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to leachate and industrial wastewater and are recognized as national and international experts in the use of natural treatment systems.  We are committed to providing top quality consulting and engineering services for our clients with each stage of a project, including site assessment, permitting, design and fabrication, installation, operation, and maintenance.

Meet our senior staff below and feel free to contact us any time!

Brad Granley, President & Founder

Brad Granley is a licensed professional engineer with over 22 years of experience in the solid waste and remediation engineering fields.  His creative design skills and project management abilities have enabled him to consistently exceed client expectations, resulting in projects that stand out above the norm.  He has helped lead the charge to change the way the solid waste industry looks at leachate management by spreading the word about phyto-utilization™ technologies.  He regularly speaks at conferences, provides training to various state regulatory agencies, and writes articles for national journals.  Mr. Granley has managed multiple national award-winning engineering projects that have saved millions and reduced environmental liability for his clients in the US and Mexico.

In 2014, Mr. Granley was also honored as a “Community Changemaker” for his contributions to the solid waste industry through his efforts to promote a better way for leachate management.  Additional information about the Community Changemaker program can be accessed here.

Richard Stoor, Senior Environmental Engineer

Richard Stoor is a licensed professional engineer with over 15 years of experience in the solid waste and remediation engineering fields.  He has project management as well as technical experience in many aspects of environmental engineering, including the design, evaluation, operation, and maintenance of leachate management and remediation systems.  He is a registered professional engineer in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Mr. Stoor has participated in the design, operation, and management on a variety of remediation and solid waste projects for private sector and state-lead clients, utilizing technologies such as phytoremediation, soil vapor extraction, in-situ chemical oxidation, surfactant enhanced remediation, multi-phase extraction, air sparging, dissolved oxygen injection, free-product recovery, and bioremediation.  Richard has also conducted permitting (NPDES, air discharge, solid waste), risk evaluations, designed and implemented pilot test procedures, and has prepared specifications, plans and bidding documents for successful system installations.

Eric Wiediger, Senior Project Manager

Eric Wiediger has more than 10 years of experience in the solid waste and environmental management fields.  He has managed a variety of leachate phyto-utilization and remediation activities, and participated in system permitting, design, installation, operation, and maintenance.

Mr. Wiediger previously worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection where he oversaw solid waste enforcement cases, compliance investigations, and corrective action agreements.  He worked on cases involving landfill operations and permitting, leachate treatment systems, waste transportation, hazardous waste management, non-hazardous industrial waste/wastewater, and remediation.  Prior to the PADEP, Mr. Wiediger volunteered with the Peace Corps in Mongolia where he collaborated with national parks and local groups in completing environmental projects.