Recent On-Site Demonstrations with the LEEF System® for PFAS Removal

Over the last few months, LMS and The Water and Carbon Group (WCG) completed two on-site demonstrations of the LEEF System® for PFAS removal with eight different landfill leachates in Virginia and Tennessee.  Its specialized foam fractionation process directly removes PFAS from raw, untreated leachate and wastewater.  The leachates had vastly different contaminant characteristics, including a couple of Reverse Osmosis concentrates.  We are still getting data in from the second test, but the first demonstration had some impressive results!  The system consistently removed PFAS from raw leachate to below lab detection limits as low as < 4 ppt!  We also got concentrated foam up to 1.4 million ppt of PFOA.

Learn more about PFAS removal on our new website: https://leefsystem.com/.