PFAS Solutions

  • Over 50 systems successfully installed and operating as designed.
  • Treatment of PFAS concentrations ranging from 100 ppt to over 1,100,000 ppt to within regulatory limits, most often to non-detect levels.
  • PFAS system flow rates from 10 to 1,300 gpm.
  • Systems installed in over a dozen states, and growing regularly!
Currently treating over 5.5 million gallons PER DAY of PFAS-impacted water to discharge limits.

LMS provides equipment, media, controls, and design for landfills with PFAS-impacted leachate.  Contact us and we can quickly provide turn-key systems to deal with PFAS removal.  When time is of essence, we have immediate response with mobile units that can be delivered upon short notice.  Because of our depth of experience, we can also quickly design and install full-scale, stationary systems across the entire United States.


We offer a variety of systems and components that have proven to consistently remove PFAS from water to well below the 70 ppt threshold and help facilities and communities maintain a peace of mind.


  • Ion Exchange (IX): The exchange of ions between a solid substance (i.e. resin) and an aqueous solution. We offer systems with a proprietary resin with the dual removal mechanisms of ion exchange and adsorption built into each bead for maximum uptake of PFAS compounds.  Two media types include one-time use and regenerable.  The single-pass technology can reduce PFAS down to 3 ppt or less.  Each system is sized according to your project needs.


  • Activated Carbon (AC): The adsorption of compounds to a porous carbon material. We offer systems with super structured activated carbon (SAC) with granular coconut shell, which consist of high quality, extremely porous material providing large surface area for PFAS.  Two types of AC available are the SAC coconut shell carbon and bituminous carbon.


  • Mobile Treatment Units: We offer mobile units for emergency response, dewatering, pilot testing, and storage tank cleaning.  Available sizes include flow rates from 25 to 400 gpm or greater.

Systems leased monthly.  No need for capital funds for purchase!


Already have a system in place?  Consider us for less costly carbon and resin replacement and exchange services.  We have a nationwide network of service technicians ready to serve you.


Interested in learning more about PFAS and how we can help you solve your PFAS problems? Call us today!