PFAS Solutions

What We Offer:
  • Equipment, media, controls, & design
  • Quick turn-around for full-scale systems
  • Modular systems to fit your facility's needs
  • Systems that are smaller, faster, and cheaper
  • Fewer media change-outs = less waste
  • Disposal services for contaminated materials
  • Immediate response with mobile units
  • Media changeout and disposal services
  • Reliability, confidentiality, & compliance
  • Treatment of PFAS concentrations ranging from 90 ppt to over 300,000 ppt to within regulatory limits or non-detect levels
  • PFAS system flow rates from 5 to 1,800 gpm
  • More than 20 systems installed or under construction, and growing regularly!
  • Millions of gallons already treated
  • Very active in research and development


  • Ion Exchange (IX): The exchange of ions between a solid substance (i.e. resin) and an aqueous solution. We offer systems with a proprietary resin with the dual removal mechanisms of ion exchange and adsorption built into each bead for maximum uptake of PFAS compounds.


  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC): The adsorption of compounds to a porous carbon material.  Affordable and effective at removing PFAS compounds.  Although we find that IX is typically better for most facilities, GAC may be the best solution for you.


  • Mobile Treatment Units: We offer mobile units for emergency response, dewatering, pilot testing, and storage tank cleaning.

Systems leased monthly.  No need for capital funds for purchase!

Already have a system in place?  Consider us for less costly carbon and resin replacement and exchange services.

We can also evaluate your system to ensure you have the most cost-effective solution for your needs.