No-Capital Cost Option

LMS understands that capital is not always readily available, or must be used by a client for other, higher priority projects.  However, if leachate can be processed at a lower cost now, there is no reason to lose all of the potential savings simply because of other projects.

That is why we provide straightforward, innovative contracting options to allow our clients to immediately reduce annual costs and save dollars everywhere possible.  Therefore, LMS is pleased to offer contracting that ranges from traditional to a No-Capital Cost Option for qualified sites.

What is a No-Capital Cost Option?

  • System is installed with no capital cost from client.
  • Per gallon disposal cost is immediately reduced in Year 1.
  • Per gallon disposal cost is further reduced in subsequent years.
  • Millions of dollars are typically saved over project life.
  • Risk is transferred to LMS.
  • Transportation and disposal (T&D) costs are avoided!

Call us today to see if a No-Capital Cost Option fits your facility!