Our phyto-cell technology provides an off-footprint, lined phyto-utilization system by using fast-growing and non-invasive plants to CONSUME landfill leachate and industrial wastewater to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for other disposal methods in a GREEN and sustainable way.

Our phyto-cell systems typically use liquid waste to irrigate vetiver grass or other specially selected plants within a contained cell structure.  The liquid component is utilized as moisture and the contaminants act as micro and macro nutrients, fueling fast growth.

Our systems are engineered for site-specific conditions and include a fully automated control and distribution system that pumps the liquid from a pond or tank and irrigates the contained plants.  Options for the system include:  surface or subsurface distribution, soil growth media, liner system, rain diversion structures, and freeboard and sump options.  Contact us today to discuss if a phyto-cell can benefit your facility!