Direct PFAS Removal from Raw, Untreated Leachate

Introducing our latest offering: Low-Energy PFAS Extraction and Volume Reduction System!  In partnership with The Water and Carbon Group (WCG) based in Australia, LMS is providing the United States solid waste market with The LEEF System®, a multiple-step foam fractionation and solar distillation process to remove PFAS compounds from hard-to-treat leachate and wastewater.  Check out our PFAS WEBPAGE for more information.


LMS is dedicated to finding the most effective and innovative solutions for landfill leachate and industrial wastewater management.  We provide top quality consulting and engineering services for our clients at each stage of a project, including site assessment, permitting, design, system fabrication and installation, operation, and maintenance.

Our specialties include providing environmentally sound disposal and treatment systems including our plant-based Phyto-Utilization™ and the enhanced wind evaporation system known as WAIV®.  Our Natural Systems strategically take advantage of the ability of natural processes such as solar radiation, evaporation, evapotranspiration, wind movement, plants, and biological activity to treat and eliminate liquid waste.  We design our systems as site-specific solutions for our clients’ needs.

"This has been one of my easier projects and I certainly appreciate easy.  Keep up the good work." - Republic Services Environmental Manager

Our Expertise


Our Phyto-Utilization™ systems leverage the high evapotranspiration capacity and highly tolerant qualities of specially selected trees and plants to eliminate landfill leachate and industrial wastewater.  The liquid is utilized as a resource and the contaminants act as macro and micro nutrients for the plants, fueling fast growth.  It’s a natural solution to a practical problem.

Wind Evaporation

Wind-Aided Intensified eVaporation, or WAIV®, creates a high density of wetted surface area within a very small footprint.  Wind passing through the material causes rapid evaporation of large amounts of liquid.  Originally developed for the desalination industry for the evaporation of high TDS concentrated brine, WAIV® has been adapted to effectively evaporate leachate and other industrial wastewater.

Constructed Wetlands

Our constructed wetland systems provide flow-through treatment of liquid waste by creating an environment which facilitates the degradation and removal of contaminants in order to protect the local area and meet discharge limits.


LMS is an industry leader in nature-based systems for the treatment and disposal of leachate and industrial wastewater, with extensive experience in all aspects of project management.  We have collaborated with some of the largest solid waste companies in the USA, including Republic Services, GFL Environmental, Waste Connections, and Waste Management.  As shown by the numbers below, our employees have worked on plant-based systems across the USA and Mexico, including national award-winning projects.

Acres of Phyto Systems
Number of Trees & Plants
Gallons Disposed On-Site by Phyto Systems
Dollars Avoided in Transportation and Disposal Costs
Miles NOT Driven By Tanker Trucks
Tons of CO2 Avoided by Removing Truck Emissions
Tons of CO2 Sequestered By Our Plants

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