Phyto-Utilization™ is the use of fast-growing and non-invasive plants to consume liquid waste to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for other disposal methods in a GREEN and sustainable way.

The wastewater is used as a resource. The liquid is utilized as moisture and the contaminants act as micro and macro nutrients for the plants, fueling fast growth. Macro nutrients can include nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, and others. Micro nutrients are metals such as iron, boron, manganese, zinc, and copper.

Our Phyto-Utilization™ systems typically use vetiver grass or hybrid poplar trees, and are engineered to include a fully automated control and distribution system that pumps the liquid from a pond or tank and irrigates the rows of plants.

They reduce your facility’s carbon footprint by sequestering CO2 and avoiding tanker truck emissions.  They establish excellent public relations opportunities and significantly reduce costs and financial assurance premiums.  They create habitat for wildlife and improve the aesthetics of your facility. They include national award-winning technologies and are applicable to a wide range of industries.

They can provide a ZERO DISCHARGE solution.

They are a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for the environment, industry, and community.

Phyto-Utilization™ systems trade space for “energy” (i.e. electricity, chemicals, manpower, transport trucks, mechanical complexity, and O&M).

They are NOT:

  • Highly mechanical systems that require complicated, time-consuming O&M, or costly fuel to operate.
  • Dependent on WWTPs (i.e. changing discharge limits, price increases, and the possibility of getting cut off because of UV disinfection or other concerns).
  • Reliant on off-site hauling and tanker trucks driving through your community.

In March 2023, our vetiver Phyto-Utilization systems won the Outstanding Application of the Vetiver System Category of the King of Thailand Vetiver Awards!  Read more here.


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