On-Site Leachate Treatment

On-site treatment systems of landfill leachate are often viewed as expensive and complicated liquid management systems in order to achieve discharge requirements.  LMS specializes in finding a better way through the use of natural processes such as constructed wetlands and innovative site-specific alternatives.

Constructed wetlands, also known as engineered wetlands, provide another option for the natural treatment of leachate or other industrial wastewaters.  These are lined systems, protective of the environment, and mimic the steps found in more traditional wastewater treatment processes.  The main difference is the trade-off of energy (labor, electricity, chemicals) in a traditional system for space and retention time of a wetland.  The principle benefits are significant cost savings and a lower environmental impact.

Constructed wetlands have been proven as effective treatment across industries, including at solid waste facilities.  Contrary to common belief, wetland systems can also be effective in cold-weather climates as demonstrated by numerous systems operating as designed in areas such as Minnesota and Canada.

LMS also provides other on-site treatment solutions, including floating pontoons for hydroponic treatment, boron removal, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) reducing technologies.

Whether you need to meet NPDES discharge limits or local POTW requirements, LMS can help you find a fast, sustainable, and cost-effective solution.  Contact us today!