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Our Natural Systems strategically take advantage of and leverage the ability of natural processes such as solar radiation, wind movement, plants, and biological processes to treat and eliminate liquid wastes generated by industries.

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Introducing the Newest Leachate Evaporation Technology - WAIV™

Reduce your leachate disposal costs by 50% with this new technology!

WAIV, or Wind Aided Intensified eVaporation, is a completely new evaporative technology unlike any others on the market. It is different because there are no blowers, no spraying of leachate into the air, no mists, no aerosols that can be lofted great distances off site to surrounding properties, and no fuel is used because it is not a high-temp process. Instead, this innovative technology, which was originally developed for the disposal of high TDS brine from the desalination industry, has perfected the concept of maximizing evaporation using the natural driving force of wind by designing a compact, modular system that can be scaled to handle a large range of flow rates, up to tens of thousands of gallons per day.

The fundamental principle of this innovative, yet straight-forward technology is to create a high density of wetted surface area within a very small footprint. In fact, each modular ‘unit’ measures only 65’ by 25’, yet it contains over 62,000 sf of wetted surface area (over 1.4 acres) where intensified evaporation of significant quantities of liquid naturally occurs. A small framed structure is erected and a large number of specialized WAIV surfaces (called sails) designed specifically for this application are spaced and securely attached to the frame. Leachate (or other industrial wastewater) is distributed across the top of each ‘sail’ where three natural forces act on the liquid. First, gravity naturally pulls the liquid downward onto the specialized material. Second, capillary action generated by the hydrophilic nature of the specialized material draws the liquid laterally and spreads it out across the large surface area. Third, wind (even at slow speeds) naturally passing through the gaps in the sails causes large amounts of liquid to rapidly evaporate. The volume of liquid that each unit can evaporate is tied closely to the ‘pan evaporation rate’ of a given climate and therefore the technology can be successful across a large cross section of the United States, including humid and even cold environments.

WAIV has been called “Evaporation on Steroids” by one industry expert.

LMS is pleased to announce we are the exclusive supplier of this exciting new patent-protected, leachate evaporation technology for the solid waste industry in the US! The technology has already been proven in the desalination, solid waste, mining, and other industries around the world, and we are excited to offer it as a cost-effective, industrial wastewater disposal solution in US markets.

Special Incentives for Early-to-Market Adopters of WAIV in the US, including LOW TO NO-COST INSTALLATION OPTIONS

More information coming soon!

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in a free evaluation to see if your site is a potential fit for WAIV, please contact us at bgranley@leachate.us or 720.556.4801.

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Finding a better way

Innovation and creative thinking have led to new options for the management of leachate and industrial wastewater streams through the use of NATURAL SYSTEMS such as phytoremediation and engineered wetlands. Rather than hauling away and disposing as a waste, leachate and wastewater can become a resource by feeding it to specifically selected, fast-growing plants. The moisture and components (previously considered contaminants) act as nutrients to fuel plant growth as it is consumed. Thus, the leachate or wastewater is UTILIZED by the plants. We call this a phyto-utilization™ system. To learn more about our technologies, click the link below.

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Case Studies

The team has extensive experience with natural treatment systems across the country. Our case studies showcase significant costs savings and environmental benefits for our clients.

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  • We are planning to evaluate this technology for numerous other landfills and expect the industry as a whole to embrace this new leachate utilization tool.

    Midwest Area Environmental Manager, Republic Services

  • The (phytoremediation) system has the potential to be a game changer for leachate management.

    Senior Corporate Manager of Engineering, Republic Services

  • “Phytoremediation (or Phyto-Irrigation) should be seriously considered by any landfill operation that is contemplating alternative methods for reducing it’s carbon footprint while cost-effectively managing leachate volumes.”

    Landfill Operations Manager, Top 5 US Company

  • “I think this is great for the company and I think we’re going to be looking at doing a lot more of these projects in the future.”

    Hydrogeology Manager, Republic Services

  • “The phytoremediation leachate treatment system at our landfill has allowed us to treat (utilize) 100% of the leachate that used to be trucked off site. This resulted in a "green" way to treat our leachate with a huge savings for our company as an added bonus”

    Environmental Manager, Republic Services

  • It has been a real pleasure to work side by side with you the past several years. I hope that our paths cross soon for another successful, innovative project.

    Ben Dabadie, Chemical Waste Management, Inc.

Leachate Management Specialists News

LMS Newsletter, Issue 1 March 2015

We’re pleased to announce that the first edition of our LMS Newsletter is now available.

Through this occasional publication we will share technical information related to leachate and industrial wastewater management including technological advancements, new trends, relevant articles, and we will provide updates that may be of interest to you and your business.

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BORON is BAD for PHYTO-UTILIZATION SYSTEMS….or, at least it USED to be!

Leachate Treatment with Hybrid Poplar | Leachate Management Specialists

Boron has always been a potential ‘Fatal Flaw’ when it comes to phytoremediation projects because it has a very narrow acceptable range as a plant nutrient, and excess is very difficult to remove. However, through a creative, interdisciplinary approach, Leachate Management Specialists (LMS) has developed an efficient and cost-effective removal process that has effectively eliminated boron as a fatal flaw of the technology.

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Granley wins award at SWANA GA Conference

2014 GA SWANA Buzzard Shoot Trophy-1

Leachate Management Specialists Senior Associate Brad Granley has won an award at a recent SWANA conference in Georgia. Unlike previous awards for engineering excellence and innovation in the use of phytoremediation technology for the treatment and disposal of landfill leachate, this award was for the annual ‘Buzzard Shoot’!

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