LMS Partners with Lesico CleanTech to Supply an Exciting New Evaporation Technology

Leachate Management Specialists LLC (LMS) has recently entered into an exclusive agreement with Lesico CleanTech and can now offer an exciting new enhanced evaporation technology in the US. WAIV™, or Wind-Aided Intensified eVaporation, utilizes wind to reduce large volumes of liquid waste through a high density surface area within a small footprint. Originally developed for desalination brine, the technology has been adapted to dispose of landfill leachate and other industrial wastewater.

When an industrial facility needs to evaporate water, the most common technologies used are mechanical/thermal evaporation or evaporation ponds. Such processes typically incur significant operational costs, energy costs, and require a large area for installation. The search for new water treatment techniques has become incredibly important over the past decade and one of the forerunners of this research has been Israel, driven by the scarcity of freshwater resources and regional volatility. The Israeli company Lesico CleanTech, a subsidiary of the Lesico Group (one of the country’s leading infrastructure and construction companies), has recently developed and patented the very promising technology.

WAIV™ increases evaporative capacity through vertically mounted wetted surfaces exposed to wind energy. It is considered a net zero discharge system because the majority of water is evaporated, while any liquid that drops from the surfaces is captured in a lined impervious area below the unit and recirculated back into the system.

To learn more about the technology, visit our WAIV™ page.